Wendy Procter Kinesiologist

"When you can shift your perceptions and move into a place of personal strength, confidence and truth, everything is open to change".
Wendy Procter, Kinesiologist, All Wenergy.

Wendy Procter

Have you noticed how the same situations/problems keep showing up in life? It’s like we’re stuck in a pattern where our ‘issues’ seem to repeat themselves and, no matter what we do to try to address them, similar people ‘turn up’ and we just get more of the same of our perceived upsets and unsatisfactory outcomes.

We think these things are just ‘happening’ to us and there’s nothing we can do about it. But there is a way to break this cycle.

Wendy Procter is a unique practitioner who brings more than 15 years experience to her work helping people to clear the persistent blocks in their life including relationships, addictions, anxiety, grief, guilt and trauma and allowing flow.

As a certified Kinesiologist, Reiki Master and AFT (Attractor Field Technology) practitioner, Wendy employs all of these disciplines along with Muscle testing, NLP, The Chinese Elements and The Hawkins Map Of Consciousness to help her clients release past emotional blocks.

Wendy guides her clients to work out what they are making life ‘mean’, tapping into the beliefs they have about any given situation which is hindering their flow and happiness.

She believes the way we perceive life and how we choose to react, make judgments and create expectations all come from an emotional entry point. It is possible to change old perceptions and create a new way of seeing the world.

“Hundreds of people – of all ages – have proven that if you are open to doing the work, significant shifts can happen in a relatively short period of time”.
Wendy Procter